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Top 10 Strongest Militaries in Africa in 2023


The safety and security of a country depend on its military forces. The military’s responsibility is to protect the territorial integrity of the country within the shores of the country on the land, air, and sea. To achieve this, different countries in Africa earmark a large sum of money in the annual budget for defense. This money is used in training military personnel, acquisition of tools and weapons, etc.  In this post, we’ll tell you about the Strongest Militaries in Africa in 2023.

Based on the military strength, the country with the Power Index (‘PwrIndx’) score of 0.000 is considered the strongest. The military strength of countries is compared with this score. Egypt has the strongest military forces in Africa with a score of 0.22. Trailing behind Egypt in the list are Algeria (0.44) and South Africa (0.57) in the second and third positions, respectively.

Top 10 Most Powerful Militaries in Africa in 2023

Here’s the list of the top strongest militaries in Africa in 2023 according to the most recent information obtained from the World Population Review.

  1. Egypt
  2. Algeria
  3. South Africa
  4. Nigeria
  5. Morocco
  6. Ethiopia
  7. Angola
  8. Libya
  9. Sudan
  10. Tunisia

1.  Egypt (PwrIndx Score: 0.22)

Egypt has the strongest military in Africa in 2022

Egypt has the most powerful military force in Africa. At the time of writing this post, the country has 465 combat aircraft and 214 armed helicopters. The Egyptian air force has 240 F-16 Fighting Falcon fighters, the fourth largest in the world after the United States, Israel, and Turkey. In addition, Egypt is also placed 13th in the global military power ranking.

There is 1.3 million personnel in the Egyptian military. Of these, 438, 500 are active and 397, 000 personnel are on the reserve.

For the foreseeable future, the Egyptian military forces will remain the strongest in the continent thanks to its spending power, a large collection of combat units, and elite Special Forces.

Egyptian military forces have a PwrIndx Score of 0.2224, making it come top on the list of the strongest militaries in Africa.

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2. Algeria (PwrIndx Score: 0.44)

The Algerian Army is one of the strongest in Africa

Algeria has the second most powerful military force in Africa. The nation has 130, 000 active and 187, 200. Algeria has an aircraft asset of 552, including 103 fighter aircraft, 12 dedicated attack aircraft, 11 transport aircraft, 87 trainers aircraft, 9 special-Mission aircraft, and 268 helicopters. For land armory, Algeria has a tank strength of 2,196 and 6, 461 armored vehicles as well as 545 self-propelled artillery. In addition, the nation also has a naval fleet of 201.

With a PwrIndx Score of 0.44, Algeria has the second strongest military force in Africa in 2023.

3. South Africa (PwrIndx Score: 0.57)

South African military: Second strongest in Africa

South Africa has the third most powerful military force in Africa with a PwrIndx Score of 0.57. The nation boasts 225 aircraft, including 17 fighter aircraft, 7 special mission aircraft, 22 transport aircraft, 88 trainer aircraft, and 91 helicopters. It also has in its armory 195 combat tanks, 2,565 armored fighting vehicles, 43 self-propelled artillery, 82 towered artillery, and 50 rocket projectors. In addition, the country has a Navel strength of 47.

South Africa has the strongest military force in sub-Saharan Africa but is third to Egypt on the continent.

The nation has 72, 000 active military personnel and 15, 000 reserve personnel.

It is interesting to note that South Africa is reputed for its land power. In recent years, the nation’s naval and air power have been on the decline.

4. Nigeria (PwrIndx Score of 0.62)

Nigeria Military force is the 4th strongest in Africa

Nigeria has the fourth strongest military force in Africa with a PwrIndx Score of 0.62.  The nation has one of the largest uniformed combat services in Africa, with over 223, 000 active personnel and no reserve personnel. The country boasts  13, 362 aircraft comprising fighter aircraft, transport aircraft, 39, 000 armoured fighting vehicles, 5, 800 tanks, and 1,197 self-propelling rockets.

Sadly, despite the country’s military might, the country is not able to overcome Boko Haram which is troubling the northern region of the country, as well as the huge security challenges that have escalated to other regions of the country.

5. Morocco (PwrIndx Score of 0.87)

Moroccan MilitaryOccupying the fifth position on our list of the top 10 most powerful military forces in Africa is Morocco. The country has an active military personnel of 200, 000 and a reserve personnel of 150, 000, and has a global firepower score of 0.87.

Morocco boasts 291 total aircraft fleets, 3,335 tank strength, 3, 500 armored vehicles, and 517 self-propelled artillery. Morocco has a naval strength of 121.

6. Ethiopia (PwrIndx Score: 0.99)

Ethiopia Military

Ethiopia has one of the strongest military strengths in Africa. The nation has a military firepower score of 0.99 and over 162, 000 active military personnel. Ethiopia’s military force is the strongest in East Africa.

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7. Angola (1.08)

Top 10 Strongest Militaries in Africa

Angola has a well-disciplined military force with over 120, 000 active personnel. The nation’s power score is 1. 08, making it the seventh-strongest military force in Africa.  Angola’s military forces boast 585 armoured fighting vehicles, 300 tanks, 285 pieces of aircraft, and a navy of 57 craft.

8. Libya (PwrIndx Score: 1.27)

Top 10 Most Powerful Militaries in Africa

Libya is ranked 8th in our list of the top 10 African countries with the strongest military force. The nation’s military boasts 17 fighter aircraft, 7 attack helicopters, 250 combat tanks, 450 armored fighting vehicles, and 55 rocket projectors.

9. Sudan (PwrIndx Score: 1.338)

Top 10 strongest Militaries in Africa

The Sudanese military is ranked the ninth most powerful military in Africa with a score of 1.338, according to our sources. Sudan has a well-organized military force that comprises about 210, 000 active personnel.

In addition, Sudan has an impressively large tank fleet as well as numerous aircraft and attack helicopters. Sudanese military boasts 46 fighter aircraft, 38 attack aircraft, 43 attack helicopters, 690 combat tanks, 400 armored fighting vehicles, and 12 naval patrol craft.

10. Tunisia (PwrIndx Score: 1.41)

The Tunisian Army

The Tunisian military completes our list of the top 10 strongest militaries in Africa with a score of 1.41, according to our sources. The country has an active personnel of 48, 000. It boasts 170 tanks,  1200 armored fighting vehicles, 67 self-propelled guns, and 162 towed artillery in its armory.


In addition to the countries listed above, there are other countries in the continent that have strong military might but could not make the top 10 list. Some of these countries are:

  • DRC Congo (1.3055)
  • Uganda (1.6264)
  • Kenya (1.7701)
  • Zambia (1.7896)
  • Chad (1.9751)
  • Zimbabwe (1.9787)
  • Cameroon (2.0296)
  • Tanzania (2.0387)
  • Ivory Coast (2.0881)
  • Ghana (2.1741)
  • Mali (2.1992)
  • Mozambique (2.2895)
  • South Sudan (2.5261)
  • Niger (2.6327)
  • Botswana (2.7851)

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