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10 Best Stock Brokers in South Africa

top 10 best stock brokers in south africa
Howzit! Here, you’ll find the list of the 10 best stock brokers in South Africa if you live in the country. As we know, choosing a stock broker that suits your needs can be challenging, this list offers some of the best stock brokers in South Africa that you can trust. They are the best brokers from a wide variety but in no particular order. That being said, let’s take a ride as we explore the list of the top 10 best stock brokers in South Africa, just in case you want to buy or sell stocks in South Africa.

1. Absa Group Limited

10 best stock brokers in South Africa
Absa Group Limited ranks top on our list of the best stock brokers in South Africa. The company is a Barclays PLC division and is the sole owner of Absa stock brokers.
Furthermore, the brokerage’s main office is in Sandton, Johannesburg, and all tradable resources are traded via an online Smart Trading account. Absa stock brokers trade local shares, warrants, share installments, and exchange-traded funds as well. 
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2. Unum Capital

Unum Capital is one of the best stock brokers in South Africa
Unum Capital ranks as one of the best stock brokers in South Africa. Its regional office ilocated in Durban, and the head office is in Irene, Pretoria. Additionally, Unum Capital has carved out its niche as one of the most sought-after when stock owners wish to expand their portfolios.
Besides, it has both its domestic and international businesses crafted to meet the needs of various clientele. It offers multi-platform trading of shares, commodities, listed properties, bonds, and other securities. And particularly, their MetaTrader 4(MT4) and xStation5 trading platforms are great for online trading. Lastly, Unum Capital supports IRESS and ProTrader 3 (PT3) trading platforms.

3. Rand Swiss

Rand Swiss: 10 best stock brokers in South Africa

Rand Swiss, another of the best stock brokers in South Africa, was founded in 2015 and has its headquarters in Sandton Johannesburg. It is renowned as a global leader in providing brokerage services and enjoys a disproportionate amount of market share.
Additionally, it is a full-service broker, offering a broad range of high-value-added services at low execution costs. It also offers individualized coaching besides having an excellent and simple-to-use online trading platform. Rand Swiss has won a number of renowned accolades, including Top Tax-Free Savings Provider in 2020 and Top Online Stockbroker in Intellidex and Investor’s Monthly. 

4. Standard Bank OST

top 10 best stock brokers in South Africa: Standard Online Share Trading

Standard Online Share Trading, (standard OST) division of the Standard Bank Group, is the largest traditional stockbroker in South Africa. It offers a range of tradable resources including excellent, one-of-a-kind services within the confines of predetermined goals.

Additionally, the standard OST offers WebTrader trading platform access to a variety of listed JSE Limited assets including Forex, CFDs, stocks, single stock futures, warrants, and even Safex products. While on foreign currency-based accounts, this company provides access to a  comprehensive selection of offshore products. Finally, its main office is located in Sandton, Johannesburg. 


5. PSG Wealth

PSG Wealth
PSG has continually produced reliable financial results over the years. Little wonder they rank among the best stock brokers in South Africa! They are particular about wealth management, of which they provide individualized services.
Additionally, they offer an online trading and investment platform to invest in shares and other securities. Clients also get access to invest in unit trusts and risk-profiled managed funds. PSG Group is headquartered in Stellenbosch, and PSG Wealth maintains regional offices throughout all of South Africa’s major cities.
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6. Sanlam Private Wealth (pty) Ltd

Sanlam Private Wealth (pty) Ltd
The Sanlam Group is one of the biggest financial services organizations in South Africa and includes a section called Sanlam Private Wealth that offers a variety of specialized services ranging from equity-backed financing to wealth management and trading, amongst others. Additionally, they are involved in fiduciary and tax services.
Besides, there is a provision for high-net-worth investors to receive personalized care from Sanlam Private Capital which also provides them with specialized investing options to help grow and protect their wealth. 
The headquarters of Sanlam Private Wealth is located in Sandton, Johannesburg. 

7. AfriFocus Securities(pty) Ltd


AfriFocus Securities(pty) Ltd: best stock brokers in south africa
Afrifocus Securities also rounds out as one of the best stock brokers in South Africa, providing a variety of trading opportunities. With a deep awareness of industry dynamics and current trends, it’s not surprising that they manage excellently the financial investments of both individuals and institutions.
Additionally, they provide expository global networking, enhancing investment opportunities with clients getting access to a wide array of financial assets including shares, ETFs, and CFDs on currency, indices as well as treasuries. Also, via an onshore account, you can trade shares on the JSE and other markets from a single ZAR trading account. The main office of AfriFocus Securities is located in Sandton, Johannesburg.

8. EasyEquities /Purple Group Ltd

Purple Group Limited is part of EasyEquities which is a South African-based provider of financial services. It also provides an online trading platform that enables clients to purchase both local and foreign shares for as low as R5 or $10. And in fact, you may decide to put up any amount you desire.
Additionally, this company presents as the perfect tool for new investors learning how to trade stocks on stock exchanges. There are no minimum deposits and no monthly brokerage costs. However, each R100  invested incurs only a 64 percent brokerage fee.
EasyEquities has its headquarters located in Braamfontein, Johannesburg.

9. Sharenet securities


Sharenet Securities is the trading division of Sharenet Group and is headquartered in

is based in Rivonia, Johannesburg. They offer excellent financial services. Their pros are as follows :

  • Provision of real-time JSE share prices
  • A proprietary trading platform for institutions and individual clients
  • Maintenance of Personal Share Portfolios (PSPs)
  • Provision of knowledgeable advice to institutions and clients
  • Provision of access to a wide range of financial resources at affordable rates.
  • They also offer CFDs built on IG’s award-winning platform.
They are winners of the SA TOP-3 CFDs Provider Award and the SA Top-5 Broker Award from Intellidex.

10. Momentum Securities

Momentum Securities completes our list of the best stock brokers in South Africa, with a full selection of stock broking services. This company boasts of its ability to create services tailored to meet each client’s needs. And besides, you would have a robust team of experts to assist in managing your stocks.
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