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Til Schweiger Net Worth and Earnings 2023


Til Schweiger net worth and earnings 2023: Til Valentin Schweiger, popularly known as Til Schweiger is a German-born actor, voice actor, director, and producer. Til is a father and a husband sorry ex-husband and is currently rumored to be in a romantic relationship. What is Til Schweiger net worth? Do you want to know more? Ok, stay glued….

Who is Til Schweiger and What is His Worth?

Til Schweiger Net worth 2022

Full Name Til Valentin Schweiger
Date of Birth 19 December, 1963
Place of Birth Freiburg, Breisqau, Baden Wurttemberg, Germany


Age 59
Citizenship German
Residence Mallorca, Spain
Occupation Actor, Voice actor, Director and Producer,  Filmmaker
Years of Sevice 1989 till date
Marital status Divorced
Spouse (ex-spouse) Dana Carlson  (m. 1995; div. 2014)
Parents Herbert Schweiger and Monica Schweiger
Children Valentin Florian Schweiger (born 1995), Luna Marie Schweiger (born 1997), Lilli Camille Schweiger (born 1998), and Emma Tiger Schweiger (born 2002).




Hair Colour Blond


Company Barefoot Films
Eye colour Blue


$20 million
Last Updated February 2023


Til Valentin Schweiger popularly known as Til Schweiger was born on December 19, 1963, in Germany. His father’s name is Herbert Schweiger and his mother’s name is Monica Schweiger. His two parents were both teachers. He was raised along with his two brothers in his hometown Giessen.

In his early years, Schweiger began studying German and Medicine with aspirations to be a teacher. He decided to drop out of university to pursue a career as an actor in 1986 and went to drama school “Der Keller” in Germany where he graduated in 1989. After graduation, Til Schweiger played at several theaters as a stage actor to gain more experience.


Til Schweiger kicked off his career in 1970 and featured in a German TV series titled “Tatort”, which is rated to be the best German television series to date.

In 1991, Schweiger had his first lead role in Manta, Manta (1991) following his big breakthrough role on Maybe… Maybe Not (1994) with the support of Germany’s renowned film producer and mentor Bernd Eichinger.

In 1996, Til Schweiger founded his first film production company Mr. Brown Entertainment together with business partner and film producer Tom Zickler. Schweiger debuted as a producer with Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door (1997) winning several Festival Awards.

The road movie remains a cult favorite with audiences worldwide. Within the same year, Schweiger was the first foreign actor to win the “Polish Oscar” at the International Warsaw Film festival for his performance in Bandyta (1997).

He has since built up acting credits in dozens of German movies including Der Eisbär (1998), where Schweiger made his debut as director. Judas Kiss (1998) was Schweiger’s first role in an international film.

He then appeared in several internationally acclaimed movies including SLC Punk! (1998), The Replacement Killers (1998), Driven (2001), Intimate Affairs (2001), Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life (2003), King Arthur (2004), New Year’s Eve (2011), and many more.

To this day, Schweiger has delivered a series of German-language hits and won numerous awards as actor/writer/director/producer.

Salaries and Earnings

Barefoot (2005) grossed about $7.7 million with 1.5 million admissions, Rabbit Without Ears (2007) was up to 2014 Schweiger’s most successful film and earned some $74 million locally, followed by the sequel Zweiohrküken (2009).

In 2011, Schweiger wrote, produced, and directed Kokowääh (2011), which grossed $43 million, starring alongside his youngest daughter Emma. A sequel hit theaters in 2013.

As an actor, he received widespread critical acclaim and further recognition for his portrayal as the legendary Hugo Stieglitz in Quentin Tarantino’s Inglourious Basterds (2009).

In December 2014, Til Schweiger released the family-friendly dramedy Head Full of Honey (2014), which he co-wrote, directed, produced, and starred in. It is his most successful film to date breaking the 6.3 million admissions barrier of his 2007 hit Rabbit Without Ears (2007).


Til Schweiger was previously married to Dana Schweiger(1995 – 2005).

The couple got married in the summer of 1995. They have four children: Valentin Florian (born 1995), Luna Marie (born 1997), Lilli (born 1998), and Emma (born 2002).

Til Schweiger and Dana Carlsen For almost 10 years they were an idyllic family, but after their youngest daughter was born, the couple’s relationship started showing signs of a rift. Dana wasn’t happy about her husband’s absence; in addition, she repeatedly accused him of cheating on her.

Even moving back to Germany from the USA didn’t help save their family. They separated in 2005; however, they remain on good terms for the sake of their children. Til Schweiger with Dana and their children Til isn’t in a hurry to tie the knot again; he is enjoying open relationships with women.


In 2020 at a boxing event in Hamburg, Til Schweiger, who most recently stood in front of the camera with Bruce Willis *, showed the new woman at his side for the first time in mid-January. This came as a surprise to many, after all, the separation from Francesca Dutton (32) was only a few months ago. In summer 2019, he separated from the actress. And the following autumn it should already have sparked between him and Sandra.

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In an interview with Sat.1 – “Breakfast TV”, he emphasized how happy he is at the moment: “The current state of affairs is that we understand each other very well and that I am really in love .” They got to know each other in a very special way.

Currently, Til Schweiger and his Sandra broke up as the director and actor have now confirmed.

Til Schweiger and Sandra are no longer a couple. The filmmaker has now confirmed that the “Bild” newspaper. “Sandra and I broke up a few months ago,” he says. He also stated: “We are apart for good and continue to be friends.”

According to Schweiger, the two got to know each other on January 10, 2020, during the “NDR Talkshow”, where Sandra took over the artist supervision.


  • 1994: Bambi für Der bewegte Mann
  • 1995: Bambi für Männerpension
  • 1997: Preis des Gdynia Film Festival für Bastard als bester Darsteller
  • 1998: Bravo Otto als bester Schauspieler
  • 1998: Goldene Kamera für Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door als bester Schauspieler
  • 2003: Hessischer Kulturpreis
  • 2008: Jupiter für Wo ist Fred? als bester deutscher Schauspieler
  • 2008: Ehren-Bravo Otto
  • 2008: Bambi für Keinohrhasen als Film National
  • 2008: Deutscher Comedypreis für Keinohrhasen als beste Kino-Komödie
  • 2009: Jupiter für Keinohrhasen
  • 2009: 2x DIVA-Award für Keinohrhasen
  • 2010: Deutscher Comedypreis für Zweiohrküken als beste Kino-Komödie
  • 2011: Deutscher Comedypreis für die erfolgreichste deutsche Filmkomödie: Kokowääh
  • 2011: Querdenker-Award
  • 2012: Jupiter für Kokowääh als bester Darsteller
  • 2013: Deutscher Comedypreis für die erfolgreichste deutsche Filmkomödie: Kokowääh 2
  • 2015: Romy in den Kategorien beste Regie sowie bester Produzent Kinofilm für Honig im Kopf
  • 2015: Deutscher Filmpreis in der Kategorie Besucherstärkster Film für Honig im Kopf
  • 2015: CIVIS-Publikumspreis für Honig im Kopf[14]
  • 2015: Deutscher Comedypreis für die erfolgreichste deutsche Filmkomödie: Honig im Kopf
  • 2015: Bambi für Honig im Kopf in der Kategorie „Ehrenpreis der Jury”


Til Schweiger Til has an approximate net worth of about $30 million according to celebritynetworth.com. No doubt he has been living a wealthy lifestyle. Til date Til remain Germany’s best actor voice, actor, director, and producer


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