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Al Azhar University Distance Learning: All You Need to Know


Admission requirements

In order to register for the degree of the Bachelor of Islamic Sciences, you must:

  1. Hold an Al-Azhar secondary school certificate or its equivalent, or an Egyptian high school diploma or its equivalent.
  2. Be a reputable Muslim.
  3. Be proficient in Arabic language.

 Tuition system:

The study relies on the college credit hours system; The academic year is divided into three semesters as follows:

  1. First term: starts from the second Saturday of November and lasts for 15 weeks.
  2. The second semester: starts from the second Saturday of March and lasts for 15 weeks.
  3. Summer semester: starts from the second Saturday of July and lasts for 6 weeks.

Study Fees

The tuition fee is $80 (eighty dollars) for one course, and the tuition fee for the year is $1,500 “one thousand five hundred dollars”, with the possibility of paying the tuition fee for one academic year in two equally distributed installments. The possibility of paying tuition fees through electronic payment in the program. The student can register for a minimum of five (5) courses per semester.


Applications for the program are permanently received online through the website:  www.azharegypt.edu.eg , and  take place in stages

Program registration stages

Phase I: Online Registration

The student fills out the enrollment application form and submits it to the site, and then a new page appears for him to verify the accuracy of his data.

Phase 2: verification of student ownership for e – mail

When you apply, you will be notified immediately by an instant email, with your username and password.

Phase 3: lifting of the documents on the site

If the you do not send his academic documents when filling out the application, you must send your documents to the following e-mail:   [email protected] .

Phase 4  Review of the application submitted

Your application will be reviewed within two weeks, after which an e-mail will be sent you containing a detailed list of the necessary requirements needed to complete the registration process.

Phase 5: Follow – up as a result of acceptance of the application

During the application approval period, you can follow up on the result of your application online, by entering your username and password.

Phase 6Send documents and payment of fees

The required documents shall be sent by express mail .

Phase 7: registration of courses

In preparation for the student to join the study, the student must register his academic subjects, as the system will request the student to register his subjects that he will study in the first semester of his academic career at the university. PRINT

Programme Advantage

The distance education program of the Faculty of Islamic Sciences Al-Azhar University is distinguished from other programs in a number of ways:

  1. The long history of Al-Azhar University and the global credibility that characterizes it in Islamic sciences, for which it is famous as the oldest university in the world.
  2. The certificate that grants the student a “Bachelor’s Degree in Islamic Sciences” from Al-Azhar University.
  3. The courses were prepared by a distinguished academic elite of scholars and professors at Al-Azhar University.
  4. The course content is prepared according to the latest educational methods and software technologies.
  5. The diversity of the content provided, it is text, audio, visual and interactive, divided in a distinct way by specialists in educational design for distance education.
  6. The program allows students to communicate with professors through virtual classes and electronic discussions.
  7. Provides technical support throughout the day (24 hours).
  8. Providing a distinguished faculty to assist the student in whatever difficulties he may encounter

Correspondence and Communication:

You can contact Al-Azhar Distance Learning by the following means:

Postal address: World Association of Al-Azhar Graduates, Al-Azhar University, Nasr City , postal code 11884, Cairo, Arab Republic of Egypt .

WORLD ASSOCIATION FOR AL-AZHAR GRADUATES, Al-Azhar University – Nasr City, postal code: 11884 – Cairo – Egypt.

E-mail :  [email protected]

Facebook page :  https://www.facebook.com/Azharegypt


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