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Alexandria University Precautionary Measures for Final Stage Student 2019/2020 Exams


Alexandria University Announces a package of Precautionary Measures for Final Stage Student Exams

Alexandria University has announced the mechanisms of the precautionary measures that will be followed during the examinations of students of the final stage of the university colleges for the academic year 2019-2020, which begins on the first of next July, and Dr. Issam Al-Kurdi, President of the University, stated that the exam schedules will be announced after the Eid Al-Fitr holiday Al Mubarak, noting that the community service and environmental development sector in the university has put together a package among the preventive measures that include all controls to ensure the health safety of all students, faculty and workers involved in the work of examinations, in light of the repercussions of the emerging Corona virus crisis.

He also pointed out that these procedures include the formation of work teams to periodically follow up the progress of security and safety measures during the period of examinations, and the formation of a team medical work from the Ministry of Health and Preventive Medicine doctors to take medical measures according to the instructions of the Ministry of Health, adding that students will be alerted to attend an hour before the exam date, as they will be divided on the gates and determine signs to consider leaving a distance of two meters between each student and the other, and measuring the temperatures for students at the entry gates, sterilizing hands using alcohol sprays 70%, and assured that students will not be allowed to enter without wearing a muzzle, and showing the university card, and exam halls will be sprayed and sterilized half an hour before the exam committee’s appointment, as well as between each examination committee and another during the day, under supervision.alexu.building2020

Furthermore, Occupational Safety and Health officials of the relevant faculty will place signs on the students’ seating places so that a distance of 2 meters is left between each student and the other, and he will consider leaving an hour and a half up to two hours between each examination committee and another in order to facilitate the students’ departure of the ending committee so that sterilization procedures can be taken for the place and students before. The other committee stressed the deans of colleges the need to follow the principles of prevention and ensure that the stands and examination halls are well ventilated, and added that all cafeterias and gathering places for students will be closed, and if symptoms appear on one of the students, faculty, or staff, President of the University that he is isolated in a room equipped to take measures when necessary to leave the student and periodic follow-up to him, and to call the medical team to detect and write the medical report required and take the necessary action.


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