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Nile University Admission Requirements and Fees


Nile University accepts early admission of up to one year in advance of their anticipated enrollment. However, only completed applications will be subject to review. All academic records must be translated and certified into either English or Arabic.

Decision on acceptance is based on the submission of a complete application form and meeting the admission requirements shown below including the results of the English proficiency test. Upon acceptance students should receive acceptance letters from the Admissions Office. Scores of the English Placement Test will determine the English entry level for students.

Admission Documents (Undergraduates)

A Complete application package includes:
  • Application form completed and signed.
  • Official final high school transcript (stamped) – Thanawya Amma, or the IGCSE: stamped by the British Council and Ministry of Foreign Affairs. or  Official SAT 1 (& SAT 2 high school advanced math stamped by CITA in case of majoring in Engineering), stamped by AMIDEAST.
  • “Istmara 2 Gond.”
  • Computerized birth certificate.
  • Copy of national ID or passport (Egyptians).
  • Copy of passport (Non-Egyptians).
  • Copy of “Idadia” certificate or proof of 12 years of schooling.
  • Application fee: 1000 LE (non-refundable).
  • 6 passport-size photos.
  • Official student status “Bayan Hala” from previous universities (transfer students).
  • English Proficiency :
    • A score of 61 or above in the IBT (Internet-based TOEFL).
    • A score of 500 or above in the ITP (Institutional testing program TOEFL) taken at Amideast.
    • A score of 6 or above in the IELTS taken at the British Council.
    • APTIS Exam With Minimum Grade B2 (APTIS fees 600 EGP)
  • For Transferred Students in addition to the above :
    • Original Withdrawal Letter.
    • Course description signed and stamped from the previous university.
    • Transcript.

Application fee: 1000 LE (non-refundable).

Note: Your Admission package must include a copy of all the above originals.

English Requirements

All Undergraduates have to present ONE of the following:

English Proficiency Cut-off Scores

English placement is based on achieving cut-off scores in both totals and writing in IBT, IELTS, and ITP.  The placement is determined based on the lower of the two scores.

 Tuition and Fees

There are fixed annual tuition for each school which applies to students taking 12 to 18 credit hours.
Students taking less than 12 credit hours will pay the number of credit hours multiplied by 2500 EGP.
Students who take more than 18 credit hours will pay the fixed tuition plus 2500 EGP for each extra credit hour.

  • Tuition fees per credit hour = 5,000 EGP  for non-Egyptian Students.

II. Scholarship Policy

NU offers a variety of scholarships to full-time students for their first year of study at NU. Scholarships in subsequent years will depend on the students’ GPA at NU.

Who can Apply for the Scholarship?

Any student may apply for ONLY two categories of scholarships, including merit scholarships.

  • The university offers a limited number of full scholarships for applicants who demonstrate exceptional academic and extra curriculum performance at the high school level. The number of full scholarships offered depends on the level of support of the civil community to the university and the maintenance of scholarships beyond the first year of study depends on the specific terms and conditions stated in the contract between the student and the funding entity.
  • Transfer Students’ scholarships in their first year at NU will be calculated according to their high school percentage.
  • 5% scholarship is granted for excellence in sports.
  • Tuition fees are subject to an annual increase based on Consumer Price Index (CPI)

Requirements & Procedures for Postgraduate Admission

Students wishing to take graduate courses at Nile University (NU), whether or not they are planning to pursue a specific degree, must submit an online application. All required materials for admissions including the application fee should be sent directly to the Office of Admissions at NU.

The application file includes:

  1. A complete Application Form including the applicant’s personal statement.
  2. If applying for a scholarship, an additional Scholarship Form PDF format must be filled and submitted with the Application Form
  3. Official degrees and transcripts of all university-level work certified by the granting institution including all degrees (both undergraduate and graduate) previously earned or not completed.
  4. The official score report of the appropriate English entrance examinations.
    1. All applicants have to present ONE of the following:
    2. GRE test scores for Masters of Science. (Preferable)
    3. GMAT for the Executive MBA program. GMAT test scores are valid for 5 years.
  5. Applicants to the EMBA program must have around five years of relevant business experience supported by documentary evidence.
  6. Four recent passport-size photographs.
  7. Copy of national ID or passport (Egyptians)
  8. Copy of passport (Non-Egyptians).
  9. Application fee of 1000 Egyptian Pounds.
  10. Three recommendation letters and recent curriculum vitae.(optional)
  11. Other requirements as may be specified by the individual program/department.

Materials may be submitted by mail or in person. Note that applications submitted by email cannot be processed until all required materials are submitted. (Scanned or electronic copies of all documents required should be submitted as attachments, except for the certified degrees and transcripts, which must be submitted as originals).

Application Fee

Applicants are expected to pay a non-refundable application fee of LE 1000. The fee must accompany the completed application form. The application fee can be paid in cash.


Scholarships are available for outstanding students, awarded by merit. If you would like to be considered for a scholarship, please download the scholarship form as explained above, fill it and send it back to [email protected] with the other required documents as explained above.

Tuition Fee

  • Tuition is LE 3000 per credit hour.
  • Tuition is paid per semester/trimester and is due on the registration deadline date

To apply for admission at Nile University visit the University website at:


To apply for the ongoing early admission 2020/2021 (Fall admission): https://nu.edu.eg/applynow/

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