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Assiut University Postgraduate Application for International Students


Assiut University comprises 16 faculties and three institutes, students can choose to study at the faculties of science, engineering, agriculture, medicine, pharmacy, veterinary medicine, commerce, education, law, physical education, nursing, education, social work, arts, computers and information or dentistry or the South Egypt Cancer Institute, technical institute of nursing or Sugar Technology Research Institute.

Bachelor’s degrees, distance learning, master’s degrees, PhDs and associate degrees are taught in Arabic, English, French or German.

International Students

International students wishing to apply for admission at the Institution’s postgraduate programme should take the following steps as announced by the governing council of the Assiut University:

(1) International Students wishing to apply for admission at the University’s post-graduate programs send their applications to the University President’s Consultant for Arab universities to obtain preliminary approval for registration. They should identify the degree and enclose their documents (qualifications and certificates).

(2) All documents and certificates are revised and the preliminary approval is certified by the Postgraduate Administration and Vice President for Post Graduate studies.

(3) In case that the applicant has got his previous degree from a private or foreign university, he/she is to verify and approve its equivalency from the Egyptian Supreme Council of Universities.

(4)  The applicant afterwards fills an application then it is signed by the Dean and the general administration of Post graduate Studies and sent to the General administration for admission of international students in Cairo.

(5) after the approval of the authorities concerned at the Ministry of Higher Education, student’s formal admission is approved and he/she is therefore required to fill a registration application which is to be signed by the Department Council, Faculty Council, and finally by the Vice president for Post Graduate Studies. The applicant is now formally registered at the university as a graduate student.

(6) While international graduate students are exempted from the restrictions of Grade (of the first university degree), and timings of registration, they are supposed to introduce Health certificate and submit to medical exams to assure that they are HIV free.

Graduate Studies & Research Sector

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