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Alexandria University Considers Distance Learning Due to COVID-19 outbreak


Dr. Essam El-Kordy, President of Alexandria University, held a meeting of the Deans Committee today, Monday, 3/16/2020, to ensure the progress of the educational process electronically during the two-week suspension period at the university, and to check on the readiness of all colleges and institutes to apply “distance learning” to facilitate the presentation of Lectures for students electronically through the e-learning platforms available at the portals of the university and colleges, to ensure the continuity of the educational process easily and conveniently,
  and the President of the University confirmed that the colleges were able to prepare 8 thousand courses for the second semester in an interactive way, and will be available free of charge to students only N by switching to the Google classroom model in cooperation with the Ministry of Higher Education and the Ministry of Communications, noting that Alexandria University has a strong technological infrastructure that enables it to communicate with its students electronically.

  The President of the University announced that a “midterm” exam would be held in some colleges “online” at the end of this month, pointing to the possibility of generalizing this experiment to the rest of the colleges if necessary, as the university president listened to the presentation of the deans of colleges for the stages of the application of the “distance learning” system , And the means used to follow the educational process, and the measures that were taken to preserve the regularity of the educational process, and the lack of students being affected by the temporary interruption of study, stressing the need for faculty members to communicate with students via electronic educational platforms.
  The President of the University also stressed the educational role of colleges in guiding students on the necessity to follow the necessary preventive instructions, voluntary isolation and home commitment to reduce the spread of the Corona virus.
  The council agreed to form a committee in each college to follow up the health status of all faculty members, to communicate directly with the university’s higher committee to deal immediately with any positive cases that may appear in the coming period.


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