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Fastest Growing Small Businesses in Egypt


Are you interested in starting a business in Egypt? If Yes, you don’t need to wait for the huge capital before you can set up a business. With the little capital in your account, here are the top 10 best small business ideas & investment opportunities in Egypt you can venture into.

Ancient Egypt – the cradle of civilization as it is fondly called is an African country that is located in the Northern part of Africa and it is the largest country in both North Africa and the Arab world. Cairo which happens to be the largest city is the capital and seat of power of Egypt. Egypt is a regional power and also the 3rd largest country in Africa with a population of about 87 Million people.

Aside from Cairo which happens to be the largest city in Egypt, Alexandra and Nile Delta are also major cities in Egypt. Although Arabic is the official language of Egypt, but English language is also widely spoken all over Egypt. The economy of Egypt revolves around Agriculture, natural gas, petroleum, coal, services and tourism.

No doubt the tourism sector contributes over 10 billion US dollars to the economy of Egypt annually and it employs a good percentage of the labor force in Egypt.

Notable tourists destination in Egypt are the Great Pyramid, River Nile, Egyptian National Military Museum, The Grand Egyptian Museum, The 6th October Panorama, The Egypt Museum and The Red Sea et al. much more than its historical sites, tourists visits Egypt for both Religious and Medical purposes also. Now let us quickly look through the top 10 business opportunities that are available to investors in Egypt;

Top 10 Small Business Investment Opportunities in Egypt

1. Travels and Tours

The tourism industry is a major contributor to the GDP of Egypt and any business that is built around this industry is sure going to be profitable. So if you intend starting any business in Egypt, then you should consider starting your own Travels and Tours Company.

You would require a license from the government of Egypt to be able to operate your own Travels and tours company. One of the ways you can make it big in this industry is to seek for business relationship with similar companies in other countries especially countries that have large volume of visitors to Egypt.

2. Sale and Services of Medical Equipments

Egypt has a strong and vibrant health sector and one of the ways you can get into this industry is to establish your own company that sells and service medical equipment. You don’t necessarily need to be the one that will be carrying out the maintenance and servicing of the equipment.

Just ensure that you employ trained and competent technicians that would be responsible for maintenance and services. This sector is still very much open to investors and it is indeed a very profitable venture.

3. Coals Supply Chain Business

If you intend to establish a business in Egypt that doesn’t require any technical skills, then you should consider going into coals supply chain business. The basic thing you would need to do to build this kind of business is to get enough outlets where you would supply coals on agreed terms. You would also need a truck, your business card and marketing skills to run this kind of business.

4. Grain Farming

Although Egypt has limited arable land due to the stretch of desert, but it is still highly suitable for the cultivation of grains. Grains are largely consumed in every household in Egypt. So if you intend investing in the Agric sector in Egypt, then you should consider starting with grain farming. You might not export your grains outside Egypt, but you can be rest assured to sell to locals and make good money from your investment.

5. Car Rental Services

Car rental service is another very thriving business in major cities in Egypt especially in Cairo and Alexandra. You can start this business with 2 or 3 reliable cars and there are the possibilities of building the business to a level where you can have your offices in key cities in Egypt. The truth is that people rent cars in Egypt for different purposes and it is almost like a culture in Egypt.

6. Cinema Business

If you have the required cash to build a standard cinema in any of the major cities in Egypt, you stand the chance of making loads of money because most young people and even middle aged people in Egypt visits cinema as part of their social activities. It is indeed a thriving business and the industry is open to investors. The only thing that can stand you out in this industry is your creativity.

7. Internet Cyber Café

Internet Café is still very much being patronized in Egypt. If you are thinking of a business to establish in Egypt, then you should consider starting an internet cyber café. You would need a dozen or half a dozen laptops/ computers, tables, chairs, internet router, Air conditioner, and a suitable facility to run this kind of business.

8. Video Game Centre

Video Game and Rental centre is another highly profitable venture in Egypt simply because 30 % of its population is between the 15 – 24 years age bracket and these are considered as the high – tech generation. So if you are looking towards starting a business in Egypt, then you should consider starting your own Video game centre and ensure that you also include rentals of Video games cartridges.

9. Sports Shop

Egypt is one of the leading sporting nations in Africa and also in the Arab world. If you open a shop that sells sport wares, you are sure going to make profits especially if you sell the jerseys and souvenirs of Egypt’s national team and also key football clubs like Al Ahly FC, Zamalek FC, and those of top European clubs like Manchester United, Chealsea, Liverpool, Real Madrid, Barcelona, etc.

10. Computers and Laptops Shop

If you are into the sale of Computers and accessories in Egypt, you can be sure of having loads of people patronizing your business. The truth is that in Egypt, despite the fact that people buy brand new laptops, most people prefer fairly used laptops because it is cheaper and affordable. So even if you are into the sales of brand new laptops and accessories, you can also add the sales of fairly used laptops as well.

It is no doubt that if you choose any business from these top 10 listed opportunities that is available in Egypt, you will sure get good returns on your investment especially if you work hard and smart.

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