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7 Realistic Ways To Make Money As A Student In Egypt


7 Realistic Ways To Make Money As A Student In Egypt

The dream of every student is to be financially sufficient to meet the academic demands (financial independence). Unfortunately, not many students are fortunate enough to have enough cash in their pockets in school. Many even struggle to pay the fees, let alone have enough to afford decent meals. I am writing this article to help those in this category to be able to make enough money to take care of their needs and beyond, even while in school. This is coming from experience, having been a student and in this category. These ways are genuine you can make cool cash as a student.

Follow with me on the journey:

  1. Turn Your Hobbies into  money. You can monetize those hobbies you have and they can fetch you cool cash as a student.
  2. Write a blog. If there’s a subject of activity you’re serious about, you can start making money online by writing about that subject or activity.  Start a blog because blogging is one of the easiest and most sustainable income sources. What makes you excited? Is it a particular sport, a game, or some kind of automobile? Is it fashion or fitness? Write a blog. You can start a blog related to a particular profession or trade. Celebrity and entertainment, and sports bloggers are the most common in Ghana. The opportunities for blogging are endless.
  3. Be a waiter.
  4. Be a substitute teacher. Organize tutorials for students. Engage your brain and make the money
  5. Sell your stuff online. Engage the social media platform and market your products. Let people get to see what you are doing and market your products to them. They will patronize you.
  6. Offer services and run errands. Service, they say, is the pathway to the top. I have benefitted so much while in school just for running errands to people. People will get to appreciate you at the end and you will always go home smiling. You can learn how to barb the hair, get a clipper and render services in that regard. you’ll be amazed how much money you will make in return.
  1. Second Hand Store. Via The Space. Thrift shops are literally the best! …

These ways are sure and genuine. rather than fold hands and complain, engage your mind and attain financial independence!

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